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  • Robotics and droids

    We provide movement analysis for quadrocopters, plane models, and car models.

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  • Wearable software

    You already know how hard it is to recognize a user’s motion and what it feels like to make magic for them,
    especially when users don't understand how it’s possible.
    We provide wearable software developers with a special algorithm library and
    send an engineer out to make sense in the concrete sphere.

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  • Tap Snap

    Double tap your phone beyond the touchscreen to take a picture in less than 1 second, even from sleep mode.

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  • Game Pad

    Gaming is all about immersion. Often mobile games lose their individuality and become boring.
    What if phones had buttons the same as a gamepad does?
    This would give game designers much more variety and possibilities in creation.

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Who we are

We extend UX with motion features. WINKAM provides accelerometer motion recognition SDK for mobile and wearable developers. Analyzing data from accelerometer and gyroscope in real time allow us to predict the behavior of the users and make UI context dependable.

Technology allows to recognize motion continuously in real time, the energy loses (1 hour of Working = 1 min phone call, indeed!)

usecase + gesture + algorithm + User tutorial

3 level classifier on the client side and server self-learning solution for accuracy improving.

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