• Robotics and droids

    We do movement analysis for quadrocopters, plane models, and car models.

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  • Wearable software

    You already know just how tough motion recognition gets. But done right it can be magic!
    We make algorithm libraries for software developers working in wearables — and we’ll send out one of our own engineers to assist in implementation

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  • Game Pad

    Gaming is all about immersion. Often mobile games lose their individuality and become boring.
    Imagine if phones had buttons the same as a gamepad does?
    This would give game designers much more variety and creative possibilities.

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Who we are

We are a company working in development and commercialisation of algorithmic software libraries for sensor-based pattern recognition in digital sports, health, wearables and IoT.

Our math-powered solutions are made for various sensor types including MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes, and video cameras. It is our aspiration to provide highest possible accuracy of real-time recognition in signal data streams.

We make software libraries for Pattern Matching and computer vision, customized to meet the unique needs of specific hardware and use cases.

Contact am@winkam.com