Add 2 extra buttons to your game

Enhance your mobile gameplay. Integrate SDK with just
2 lines of code to add full-size gamepad controls.

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Fingers take up too much screen space!
We have a solution for a more flexible UX

Gamers need more buttons!

The thumbs cover about 35% of the screen — reducing visible gameplay area. This is a critical issue for dynamic games.

Winkam can put buttons outside the screen allowing for Playstation or Xbox-like experience.

Use smartphone body to get extra controls

Sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes are the top choice for enhancing game control and making more screen space available.

This is complex tech which demands a high level of expertise in machine learning, algorithms, data analysis and signal processing.

Virtual Gamepad SDK allows you to easily add controls to smartphone body without bothering too much about it!

Activate buttons by adding just 2 lines of code

It takes just 2 lines of code to connect the SDK. These 2 lines contain are the result of 3 years of our team’s hard work in data analysis, machine learning and signal processing.

The algorithm is reliable and guarantees top user experience any situation — in a car, train, bus, anywhere.